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Fiji is an island country in Melanesia, part of Oceania in the South Pacific Ocean. It lies about 1,100 nautical miles (2,000 km; 1,300 mi) northeast of New Zealand.

Fiji has one of the most developed economies in the Pacific through its abundant forest, mineral, and fish resources. The currency is the Fijian dollar, with the main sources of foreign exchange being the tourist industry, remittances from Fijians working abroad, bottled water exports, and sugar cane.The Ministry of Local Government and Urban Development supervises Fiji’s local government, which takes the form of city and town councils

Good to Know



Visa Requirements


Languages spoken

Fijian language, English language, Indio-Fijian language

Currency Used


Area (km2)

18,274 km2


``Fiji time`` is real – the slow pace of life means things can sometimes take longer than they might in other places. Be patient and respectful when waiting for service in a restaurant or elsewhere, and never raise your voice – it might be interpreted as rude. When visiting a village, dress modestly, take off your shoes and hat before entering a home and smile at at everyone you pass – it's considered poor form not to acknowledge each other.

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